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Attention: Black Business Owners and Aspiring Black Business Owners – We Invite You To Join Us For 5 Days of Business Training Starting Oct 5


Can you commit to one hour a day for 5 days next week to learn and get a framework to build an amazing business? Learn from Celia, Ken, and other successful Black business owners as we share our experiences and show you the key things you must focus on to build, grow, and scale your business.

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In 2012, Celia, Sean, and I founded GMS Professional Corporation (Known as Green, Meikle & Smith Chartered Accountants in the early days). At the time, we were all professionals working in Corporate Canada with no prior established business experience. All we wanted was to escape the corporate grind, to seek freedom from running our own business, to control our time and our own resources.

What we did not prepare for was that building a business is hard. We went into business to escape the corporate grind, but we were grinding it in our business. We went into business to seek time freedom but we were working long hours in the business. We went into business to create financial freedom, but we were struggling to keep up with bills and to pay ourselves. We did not prepare for Sean resigning from the business several years ago. We made adjustments after adjustments and against all odds, 8 years later, we’re still in business.

We’ve grown, we’ve achieved some success but we are still learning. Starting on Monday, October 5, join us as we share our experience and prepare you to build a better business by avoiding all the mistakes we made. If you’re a Black business owner looking to start your first or next business or looking to grow your existing business, we invite you to join us for 5 days as we give you a framework on how to build a business plan for success. 

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