Although, I am passionate about investing in general, whether it is investing in business or other alternative investment vehicles, I’ve chosen real estate as my primary vehicle for these top 4 reasons:


Financial Security

As you already know, there are so many investment options out there. You can walk with the bulls and bears on Wall Street, or you can invest in mutual funds. You can focus on retirement saving accounts, REITs and a whole alphabet of options. But when you look at real estate investing versus some of these other investment vehicles, you see that real estate investing offers you the best opportunity to create a diverse, secure, and financially profitable portfolio. Real estate is a finite resource – no one is making any more land – and the demand for this resource is always climbing. These two factors alone create the Financial Security you desire in your investment portfolio.


Financial Freedom

What does financial freedom mean to you? What are your dreams of financial freedom? What colour and shape do they take? Do you see your Financial Freedom in a yacht on the high seas, or in a cabin on a snowy slope? Do you want to enjoy the freedom of “getting away from the world”, or of the busy streets of Toronto, New York, London, or Tokyo?

For you, does Financial Freedom mean never having to worry about the monthly bills, or the knowledge that you have all the money you will ever need to secure the educational dreams of your children? Or the time to do whatever you want to do?

When done correctly, investing in real estate will provide you both financial and time freedom. It will allow you OWN your business and NOT let your business own you.


Secured Retirement


Have you started to think about your retirement yet? I hope you have done more than think about it… I hope you have started to plan for it!


Consider the type of retirement you wish to enjoy, from sitting on the beach with your laptop writing your novel, to working in your garden on your favorite plants, to just playing with the grandchildren; no matter what you want to do, you know that you must have the financial ability to secure it.

No matter if you are 25 or 55, today is always a good day to plan for tomorrow (In fact, you can leverage age, and time, greatly to your advantage in real estate investing).


What does your future look like, and how do you get there?
From retirement, to a career change, to your children education, how many properties do you need to own to make your dreams a reality?



Career Change/Control


Depending on your career goals and choices, real estate will allow you make changes to your career to suite your lifestyle. Do you want to be a part-time investor? Remain focused on building your current career and work part time hours to invest in real estate?


Do you want to partner with other like-minded investors and form a team that works tighter to build a portfolio? That’s an option, too.


Maybe you want to take a big leap. Maybe you dipped your toes into real estate investing and liked what you felt and saw. Perhaps you are ready for a complete change, where you take control of your life, where you are the “boss of your future.” While this will not happen overnight, investing in real estate will certainly provide you with the options.



I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years now so I know our trade quite well. I’ve made mistakes in the past, learned a lot of lessons and over the years, developed systems and strategies for sourcing and managing great real estate investments.

Whether you’re looking to invest short-term, long-term or somewhere in between, I can work with you to structure a deal that suite your needs. Whether you want to earn a fixed rate of interest or share in the equity and potentially higher returns of an investment property, I’ve got you covered.

As an investor with me, you will enjoy hassle free and hands-free investment; great returns better than mutual funds; established exit strategy; no Landlord headaches; passive income flow each and every month; and great partnership with experienced investors.

So if you’re looking to make a great profit and positively impact other people’s lives, contact me and find out what I can do to make that happen.


Our Current Real Estate Portfolio

We currently manage a small portfolio of Canadian real estate (a total of 13 units) with fair market value of approximately $3.4 million. In addition to this, we have 2 units under contract worth approximately $0.7million. At the moment, we’re invested in 8 Canadian cities – Ancaster, Cambridge, Edmonton, Kitchener, London, Oakville, Toronto and Waterloo.


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