T1 Personal Tax Return Service Options

Below are the service options we have for preparing and filing your personal tax returns:

* This is for basic tax returns with regular tax schedules. The following additional schedules will attract higher fees noted below:

  • T2125 business schedule – $500 per schedule
  • T776 rental schedule – $250 per schedule
  • Primary residence or rental property sale – $250 per schedule
  • T5008 schedule – $100 per schedule
  • Medical schedule – $100 per schedule
  • Donation schedule – $100 per schedule

** For the Standard option, additional schedules exclude the T2125 business schedule and the T776 rental schedule. The additional fees listed above will apply for these schedules.

NOTE 1: If none of these options fit your current needs, we can still discuss to determine if a service offering can be customized to meet your current needs. Our standard rates for other services are as follows:

  • Personal tax return filing: $275 + HST per tax return for basic tax return; additional fees will apply if you have a sole proprietorship or own rental property or if you have additional schedules as itemized above
  • HST return filing: $175 plus HST
  • Corporate tax return preparation and filing: $2,500 plus HST
  • Personal and/or business financial coaching (with accountability) call at $300-$500 per month (minimum of 6-month commitment)
  • Audit support/CRA Response on your behalf: starts from $350 per annum
  • Other services at our hourly rate – $350 for Partner & $175 for our Associate Staff

NOTE 2: If you have multiple corporations or require other additional services from us, you will get up to a 10% to 30% discount depending on the services and options you choose.

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